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We are an agency with a broad range of skills and experience. Our clients benefit from the range of complementary services we cover to help them take control of their marketing.

Our suite of services

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Graphic & web development

Having a strong online presence is important but so is connecting all your sales, social and marketing assets to your brand. Our design team sees the “bigger picture” and always strives to make sure that your jigsaw isn’t missing a single piece.

API, PHP code & development

Today’s websites often need a little pinch of “geek” to deliver the functionality our clients need. Our team has an established track record in WordPress, PHP development, Twitter API, LinkedIn API and Laravel. Our Team has also built the new eCirculate platform.

Website hosting

In 2020, we launched our own hosting services to help our clients escape the overly complex and sometimes expensive hosting packages available today. We can back-up, update, and renew your domain names as well as perform essential security patches and maintenance on your websites.

Video production

Our video production and editing teams create case studies and product videos. We also cover events and exhibitions across the UK and the world.

Social media management

Making sense of social media is a challenge for many companies especially if they are just getting started. Our team helps clients navigate through their options whilst providing the marketing assets and strategy to get them started. Our team has over 10 years of social media management experience. So, if you are feeling a little lost then get in touch…. we can help.

Copywriting services

Original, compelling content can help raise your profile while boosting your brand’s credibility. The Press Rooms have dedicated copywriting professionals to enhance your message.

Fully managed SEO

Our SEO package focuses on your main products to improve visibility, enquiries, and high-quality, targeted traffic. We have a combined approach to SEO which looks at every aspect of your online presence.  

Podcast production

Podcast development and production is growing rapidly and can be a great way to market your brand and services to a new audience. The Press Rooms have years of experience in the production and distribution of podcasts.

Also from The Press Rooms:

Our news distribution plugin for WordPress websites

A simple plugin which gives news websites the ability to add links, imagery, contact information, and more, to a live boilerplate directly beneath each news post. 

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