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How Do You Get Your Voice Heard?
Digital media offers huge opportunities to raise awareness of your business, but it also presents big challenges: in the mass of competing channels and online activity, how do you get your voice heard?

A Fully Integrated Media Package:
The Press Rooms provides the perfect integrated package to make sure your news reaches the right audience.


Fully Integrated Media Package:

We offer a range of dynamic services to enhance your online presence and raise awareness of your brand.

Comprehensive News Distribution

The Press Rooms feeds a wide network of professional news websites, with more being launched or adopting our platform on an ongoing basis.

Live News Boiler Plate

Amplify your brand and boost your news with additional information, images and links.

Integrated Banner Advertising

Use your news story as a vehicle to promote your brand. These integrated banner ads are updatable in real time, so you can keep your marketing fresh.

Targeted Video Uploads

All The Press Rooms’ media partners have embedded on-site video players, which means we can upload your video content to multiple news websites.

Video News Team

We include access to our professional video news team, which covers certain key exhibitions and launches.

Press Release Links for SEO

When we publish your news stories we ensure we keep all your links intact, to maximise your SEO.

The Blog List

Ensure your news blogs will reach a wider audience by listing them on our media sites, with click-throughs direct to your own website.

Event Calendar

Add your events on our integrated event calendar, published and updated across all our media sites.

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Maximum Marketing from The Press Rooms:

In addition to our package services, we offer additional professional marketing support and opportunities:

SnapShot Digital Mini-Mag

SnapShot is the name of our syndicated range of sector-focused digital magazines that we host and promote through multiple websites and social media.

Content Writing Services

We can make sure your blog, article or press release is professionally written to attract, engage and connect with your audience.

Bespoke Feature Stories

We create two bespoke, original feature stories, focusing on you, your brand or an issue of your choice, to go in one of our online publications.

Graphic Design

Original designs for banners, Twitter assets, PDFs and other graphic elements to help you promote yourself.

Media Partners
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Some of our Clients:

Some of our Media & Event / Global Initiative Partners:

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Frequently asked questions

The Press Rooms integrated media package costs £575 a year for Freight Chain Federation or Cold Chain Federation Members.

It is £975 a year for non-members.

The package includes:

1. Unlimited press releases, which you submit and we publish on sites relevant to your readership across our media network.
2. Banner advertising within each of these news stories.
3. Live news boiler plate.
4. Listing of your blog titles on our Blog List, published across our media network, with links back to you.
5. Social media support.
6. Free listing of any events you are running on our Event Calendar.
7. Your video content uploaded to video players on our media network websites.
8. Two original articles, from the marketing brief you supply, which we will write and publish on our relevant media websites.

There are no hidden extras. The price we quote is fully inclusive of the services in the Press Rooms integrated media package.

The Press Rooms provides a discount to Freight Transport Association or Cold Chain Federation members.

We also provide information about special offers on our website.

Our network of partners is growing all the time. It comprises both new and established websites, some of which run their own publications. We have a combined marketing strategy that is already delivering significant results for our clients.

Our network gives us a far bigger reach than single websites

You get a credible platform for your news stories, plus additional marketing impact from boilerplate branding and banner advertising. These are updateable in real time, so you can extend the lifecycle of your news story by continually updating these elements.

We are SEO focused, retaining critical links in all your published news material that can drive audiences back to your website.

The Press Rooms also offers expert marketing support, including video, content writing, social media strategies, graphic design and event marketing

The Press Rooms also offers expert marketing support, including video, content writing, social media strategies, graphic design and event marketing.

We offer our standard package, and also a range of other services, including publication in our dynamic SnapShot digital mini-mag.

Contact us directly for more information.