The Press Rooms is all about news: YOUR news.

The Press Rooms: A Fully Integrated Media Package

The Press Rooms provides the perfect integrated package to make sure your news reaches the right audience:

  • We provide a platform and network for multi-channel press distribution, which means you can be sure your news story gets noticed. The Press Rooms feeds a growing, cooperative media network of industry-specific news sites, matching your news to your target market.
  • Your news story includes live banner advertising and a real-time updatable boilerplate to accompany it, extending its promotional lifecycle.
  • The Press Rooms has its own video player, so you can upload relevant video content to our news sites to go with your story.

Our integrated media package gives you wide news distribution across multiple sites without you having to pay out individually for each one.

When it comes to promoting your brand and sharing your news stories, how do you ensure you can reach your target audience? The Press Room provides the complete answer, with a fully integrated media platform for creating, distributing news content. We also channel our news through a growing network cooperative of media partners and their websites. This maximises the distribution of the content we publish and promote on your behalf.

Live Boiler Plate

At the same time we publish and promote your content, we ensure that your brand carries impact. Your news stories include a live boilerplate, where we can include relevant branding and images that are updateable in real time. This helps extend the lifecycle of your news, and makes it both dynamic and compelling.

Integrated Banner Advertising

Targeted Video Uploads

Effective news content is multi-channel, therefore all our media and partner sites have embedded video players. We can upload video content to complement or supplement your news items, and this will have a targeted distribution across our extended news network.

Video News Team

When your story hits the news outlets, you want to ensure that you see the benefits to your brand. One way of doing this is use it to help drive your audience to your website. Therefore, we make sure we retain all relevant links to your site within the published content of your press release.

The Blog List

If you want your blogs to reach a wider audience, then a listing on our index across all our media websites will help boost their visibility and raise awareness of the subjects you are publishing content about. When the user click on the listed blog, it takes them directly to your own website.

Event Marketing

We will support your attendance or hosting of events with marketing expertise. This includes content to promote the event, video recording during the event for promotional use, and vital follow-up material to engage with your prospects and customers.

Event Calendar

Promote your events across our media network by posting it on our event calendar. This is updateable in real time and is embedded in all our media sites.

Social Media Support

To support your news content, events and other activities, we provide social media support, including focused Twitter campaigns, and social media engagement through posts, articles and updates.

Bespoke Feature Stories

As part of our integrated media package, we write two original feature stories focusing on your, your brand or an issue of your choice. We will feature each interview, profile or story in one of our specialist online publications, designed to reach your target audience.

One Directory

This is a comprehensive directory for all our clients including their services and sectors, which we will publish and update across our media sites. Launching in 2020.

Career Cities

A key aspect of business success is matching the right talent with the roles you need to fill. Our online jobs board, distributed through multiple media sites is designed to support your specialised recruitment needs. Launching in 2020.