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Making Your News Marketable...

Print has seen a slow and steady decline since the start of the 21st century. At the same time, there has been a massive rise in the sheer number and availability of different digital channels for providing information. Meanwhile, traditional outbound marketing methods are proving much less effective online, with people choosing to block or bypass pop-up windows on their screens.

The challenge for any business is therefore to find the right online channels to reach its audience and to find ways of marketing to this audience in ways which they will respond to positively.

The Press Rooms is designed to address both these issues:

  • We provide a digital platform and extensive news distribution network to enable businesses to reach the audiences they are seeking
  • We embed advertising within the content we publish for our clients, so that it complements rather than disrupts it.

Why Content Matters
A lot of the most effective digital marketing is inbound. It is about letting your audience come to you. Content provides a ready channel for them to do this. It beats a pathway to your door. It adds critical SEO value to your online activity.

This is why news still matters, and while news published online can become a powerful content marketing tool.

Reaching an Extended Audience
The Press Rooms is more than a platform, it is also a partnership. We work with a broad and growing cooperative network of digital news and media distribution outlets, providing them with valuable content that helps attract a growing readership.

This extended media family is readily available as a broad distribution network for our clients’ news stories.

Credibility Counts
The quality of content matters, but where people source it from is as important.

Having a credible, third-party platform and distribution network boosts the authority of the content we publish, and therefore the credibility of our clients.

A Multi-channel News Service
The Press Rooms incorporates video, event management, graphic design and copywriting into the extended news service we offer our clients. In short, it offers you a complete, cost effective package designed to improve your online visibility, raise awareness of your brand, and connect you to your target audience.

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